Cancun Handcuffed Runaways

This past Monday, March 9th at the 259th region in Cancun, Quintana Roo, two men who were arrested for damaging a police patrol escaped the authorities when they were still handcuffed.

The police officers couldn’t do anything to re-capture them because gang members attacked them. Fortunately the officers detained three of the assailants.

A legal representative from the city hall visited this past Tuesday morning the Ministerio Público del Fuero Común (MPFC) to make a formal complain for the stolen handcuffs.

The detained were identified as Victor N (32 years old), José N (31 yeas old) and H.R.E.H. (16 years old).

The facts took place in Cancun around 9:45 PM when Mr. E.H. request the presence of the police force to arrest his son, who was drunk and causing problems at their home.

Rearview mirror
The criminals stole their cellphones and crashed the patrol’s mirror. (photo:SIPSE)


The police arrived to the place, but when they tried to arrest the minor, he started getting violent and called his gang to avoid the detention, moments later around 15 gang members appeared on the area and started beating up the police officers.

Finally, the cops asked for backup and arrested three of the gang members and two more later, the handcuffed individuals escaped the scene. On addition when the officers were waiting for backup, the criminals stole their cellphones and crashed the patrol’s rearview mirror.





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