Brother of Drug Trafficker “La Tuta” arrested in Merida

On a special operation, federal agents arrested Flavio Gomez Martinez, La Tuta’s brother on Friday, February 27th during the morning hours in the city of Merida.
As it was informed on The Yucatan Times Servando Gomez Martinez (AKA La Tuta) was arrested in Michoacan. 
The brother of “Los Caballeros Templarios” leader, was apprehended in a residential zone, near Fraccionamiento Altabrisa.
The capture took place on number 527 of Calle 15 (between 24 and 26), Colonia Maya, on the north side of the city. The property of almost a whole block of extension, with two entrances, one on Calle 15, and the other on Calle 13 with 24, seems to belong to Canadian citizens and is named “In ka’an” or “My heaven.”

la tutas brother property
Property located on number 527 of Calle 15 (between 24 and 26), Colonia Maya (Photo: sipse)

During a press conference at the Attorney Generals Office (PGR) in México City, Monte Alejandro Rubido García, National Security Commissioner, informed that La Tuta’s brother, who was linked to five ministerial inquiries, was arrested in Merida, Yucatán without a single shot. The suspect was found in possession of two weapons, a rifle and a gun, and an undetermined amount of drugs.
Eight federal special agents, part of the Specialized Crime Investigation Office (SEIDO) of the PGR, arrived to the Merida Airport on the early morning hours of Friday, February 27th to carry out the operation, just a few hours after the detention of “La Tuta” in Morelia, Michoacan.
According to the information provided by Federal authorities, Flavio Gómez, was in charge of the Criminal group “Caballeros Templarios” in the municipality of Arteaga, Michoacan.

Some sources state he was living in Merida since May 2014, where he apparently received and distributed drugs.

la tutas brother
Flavio Gomez Martinez, La Tuta’s brother (Photo: Sipse)



Gomez Martnez arrest would be also linked to another special operation carried out by Federal Forces in the coastal town of Telchac Puerto, about 50 miles northeast of Merida.
Agents of the PGR arrested five people in possession of 25 kilos of cocaine: Domingo Guzmán Pérez 51, Daniel Guzmán Roblero 21, David Santis Pérez 25, Remigio Santis Pérez 31 and Herminia Roblero Vázquez 52.

The suspects belonged to a cocaine traffic organization operating in Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

Flavio Gomez was arrested three times before his capture in Merida. On 2005 for car theft and possession of a weapon. On 2012 and 2013 for car theft and drug trafficking.



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