87 percent of the Weapons Seized in Mexican Drug Cases are of US Origin

Mexico - USA Border (Photo: sputnik.com)

Washington’s methods of preventing guns and money from illegally flowing into Mexico are ineffective“, declared Barry McCaffrey, former US director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The US government is not effectively combating the flow of weapons and money from the United States into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, former US director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy Barry McCaffrey told the press on Tuesday.


I don’t think the United States has done enough to stop guns and money from going south into Mexico,” McCaffrey said.“ President [Barack] Obama and this administration have walked away from the issue. It’s not the public focus.”


The former drug czar criticized the Obama administration for failing to address the role of the United States in stemming the southern flow of US weapons and money into the drug cartels and transnational criminal networks responsible for the majority of the flow of drugs within the Americas.

I would like to see [Mexican] President [Enrique] Peña Nieto and Obama openly discuss the critical importance of drugs and crime to our binational agenda,” McCaffrey said, adding the problem is “intense and it’s getting worse.”

Mexico - USA Border (Photo: sputnik.com)
Mexico – USA Border (Photo: sputnik.com)

Bringing criminal prosecutions against individuals and institutions who launder drug money could help prevent the drug cartels from reaping the immense profits associated with the drug trade, McCaffrey argued.

We have to use criminal prosecution against the white collar criminals, just as much as we would against a 20 year old boy selling drugs on the street,” he said.

Additionally, McCaffrey noted that the United States has “an ineffective way to stop weapons from going south into Mexico.”

The vast majority, approximately 87 percent of the weapons seized in Mexican drug cases were of US origin, according to reports by the US Government Accountability Office.

Mexico ranks among the top 25 countries with the highest rates of intentional homicide, according to the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime data.

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