36,146 kilograms of tortillas were used

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, February. 16, 2015.-
A new Guiness World Record has been broken by a Yucatecan Chef!

During the “Jalisco International Festival of Flavors” (Festival Internacional del Sabor de Jalisco), in the city of Guadalajara, a new world’s largest “cochinita pibil taco line” record was settled.

More than 200 people worked for six days to prepare the most representative dish of the Yucatecan cuisine under the supervision of David Cetina, a distinguished Yucatecan chef, whose incredibly delicious food can be enjoyed at “Restaurante La Tradición“.

“The Guinness record has been broken with the largest taco line in the world. 1,200 kilos of roasted pork (“cochinita pibil”) and 44,000 tortillas were used”, proudly said Chef Cetina.

More than 200 people worked for six days


The taco line was 2,757.6 meters long (1.6 miles), and 36,146 kilograms (79 366 lbs) of tortillas were used as well as 300 kilos (661.3 lbs.) of sauce prepared with “yucatecan achiote” salt and sour orange.

The pork previously marinated and then wrapped in banana leaf, was brought directly from Mérida, Yucatán, which ensured people from Jalisco the authentic experience and flavor of the authentic “cochinita pibil”.

The tacos were distributed amongst more than 5,000 people. The previous record was held by the United States with a taco line of 1,990 meters (1.2 miles) long.

Source: TYT Newsroom