The Riviera Maya on Short List for next Gambling Paradise

Las Vegas style casinos in Mexico

The Riviera Maya, Acapulco, or Baja California could be the home of the next “Mexican Las Vegas”.

According to the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB), there are plans to create a Las Vegas style casino complex in one of these world class tourist destinations.  Marcela González Salas, SEGOB’s director of Gaming and Gambling, said that the Mexican Government wants to stop the proliferation of clandestine casinos, slot machines and bookmakers in urban areas.


Once the permits are issued by local and federal authorities, up to 775 casinos could open in various tourist destinations, thanks to the permits granted during previous administrations and due to the current law, which dates from 1947.


Marcela Gonzalez recalled that at the beginning of this administration, 412 casinos were open, but several permits were revoked due to irregularities, and because several establishments were authorized to operate as a group; but now, casino permists will only be granted individually.


Meanwhile, Eduardo Sánchez, presidential spokesperson, said citizen complaints and the voluntary surrender of illegal slot machines allowed the authorities to confiscate more than 25,000 of the devices, which affects younger Mexicans and often results in gambling addiction.

Marcela Salas SEGOB
Marcela González Salas, SEGOB’s director of Gaming and Gambling and Eduardo Sánchez, presidential spokesperson during Press Conference (Photo: SIPSE)


Sánchez concluded that these games represent “illegal income of more than 25 billion pesos a year, which often finance other criminal activities.”





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