The Rising Sun Brings Profits To The Tourist Industry. Cool weather? No customers.

Playa del Carmen (Photo: Sipse)

It’s not easy being a vendor in the tourist trade. Just ask the waiters and the jet ski vendors at Playa del Carmen. They’ll tell you what non-perfect weather does to profits.

Tourists in tropical paradises like Playa del Carmen are not an intrepid group. No climbers of Mount Everest are they. Clouds keep the tourists away from the beach at Playa del Carmen.  And after suffering the 33rd cold front local businesses experienced economic losses in the maritime zone of the Yucatan Peninsula. Then along comes better weather and vendors enjoy a 60% increase in business. This life –  it could make a vendor dizzy.

Vendors confirm that the cloudy days that started two weeks ago caused much suffering for them. But last Sunday, February 8th, brought beautiful weather, and local lifeguards estimated more than 5,000 people came to enjoy Playa del Carmen’s warm beaches.  Ahhhh, life’s good.

Playa del Carmen (Photo: Sipse)
Playa del Carmen (Photo: Sipse)

Crowd watch:

Food vendors at Raul Tuz Prieto informed us that the most crowded beaches were Playa Caribe, Mamitas and Punta Esmeralda where they had a 90% sales increase. After two lean weeks this was a goldmine.

And furthering the good news, the lifeguards of Protección Civil said that there were no incidents near the area this week unlike last week when two people required rescue.

Let’s hope the good weather keeps up.




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