Sisal Beach: A Treasure of the Yucatan Coast

Sisal is a port – a beach – very special to me.  I’ve been going there since I was very little; as my grandparents loved it so much they purchased a summer home in Sisal for the family.  I must admit that when I was a girl it bothered being “away” from the other beaches where all my friends arrived, but now, I love its location and charm … and you’ll see why. It is located less than an hour from Merida westward, through Hunucmá municipality to which it belongs.

Sisal was the most important port in the henequen era of the Yucatan during late nineteenth century and early twentieth century because there the ships departed with bales of henequen to several countries in Europe, and the henequen plant even became known as “Sisal “because people receiving shipments did not differentiate the port name (stamped on the crates) from the product shipped. Remember that at that time Progreso had no international pier and was off the map.

Unlike other beaches on the coast such as Progreso, Chicxulub, Uaymitún and those that follow, Sisal is a much simpler, more virgin port, so to say.  There are no areas for disco clubs or bars like the other beaches. Sisal is a place to relax, eat well in La Palapa de Soco – personally the best restaurant, go fishing, ride ATVs in the streets, watch a multitude of different species of birds – including flamingos, go duck hunting, and or take in the magical sunsets.  Basically, Sisal offers all of this and other fun activities to enjoy with friends, family and couples.


In recent years due to the considerable difference in the feel that Sisal has when compared to the other beaches in Yucatan, as I mentioned, a more serene and relaxed, it has attracted interest from investors to build a residential development on 250 hectares with villas, condominiums and homes with expansive green areas without affecting the natural ecosystem and maintain the harmony of the port.


Buyers of New York, Australia, Toronto, Alaska and elsewhere are eager to inaugurate this neighborhood once the first phase of the Ensisal project is complete, being that these first buyers will have services that did not exist in the port before such as spaces for yoga, a spa, cafes for breakfast, and more.

I am thrilled to see the progress whenever I have the opportunity to go to visit Sisal to spend a weekend or just for lunch one day.  I am really proud of the growth and economic development that this large investment generates and will generate for the local community.

Caro Molina and her sister
Caro Molina and her sister

By Caro Molina




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