New COSTCO to Open Thursday March 19 in Mérida

New Costco facility in Merida (Photo:

Construction workers are giving the final touch to the brand new COSTCO Wholesale Store facility, located at “Calle 60 Norte right next to Galerias Shopping Mall”, in the North side of the city.

The New COSTCO will begin operations on Thursday March 19, 2015.

Five trailers full of merchandise and furniture arrived yesterday morning to the premises, where a strict access control is being observed.



Construction workers are still laboring inside and outside the building.

Painters detailing the parking lines, gardeners setting up ornamental plants and working on the landscaping, as electricians finish the underground installation.



Amazing Discovery

Amazingly, a Cenote was discovered within the parking lot during the construction works!

costco 2
The Cenote (Photo:


This sinkhole not only was rescued by COSTCO, but it was also embellished and preserved covering the exterior with carved stone, and building a stair and a bridge so visitors can admire this natural attraction.

Affiliations Mobile Office (Photo:

COSTCO has currently an Affiliations Mobile Office located in the parking lot ready to sign up new customers.