Xcaret on Google Maps

Google Maps and Street View have arrived at the Yucatan Peninsula where they will be displaying the most popular attractions of the Mexican Caribbean.

Google Maps is showing users where the JOYA route (a spectacle from The Cirque du Soleil) is being celebrated. The area was developed specifically for the Cirque du Soleil performances, and is located over a lagoon at the Riviera Maya, surrounded by waterfalls and other natural attractions.


Google Maps will also take you to another magical Yucatecan place: Xcaret. The aquatic park opened its doors to the Google team to take pictures. Now users can visit virtually the dolphinorium, the springs, the small harbor, and even the souvenirs stores.

Xcaret on Google Maps
Xcaret on Google Maps

In addition to the aquatic beauties of Yucatán, Google Maps and Street View also offer views of the interior of the first cathedral built in Latin America, located in Mérida.  Inside, the Cathedral of Merida shows its pillars, and the world’s largest image of Christ on the cross.


In February Google Maps celebrates its first decade of existence. Throughout its 10 years, the service has become the most comprehensive platform of maps used worldwide, despite competitors like Apple and Nokia HERE Maps.