Medical Tourism and Health Services to Expat Community

To promote medical tourism and provide health services to the foreigner community in Yucatan is the purpose of the company “Healthitinerary” who yesterday was released to the public.


The presentation took place at the Hyatt hotel and was in charge of Patricia Sales Cervera and Tina Frewer, administrative and commercial directors of the company, the first of its kind in Yucatan. The event was attended by many foreign residents in the city of Mérida, to know more about the membership and benefits Health Net Connect has to offer for them and that entitles its members, various services, Tina Frewer said.

The membership is ideal for people over 50 years of age, who come to Yucatan either to spend a few months or full time since Health Net Connect links them with medical services they may require, as an ambulance on the beach, 24 hour medical and discounts in different hospitals.


The membership entitles its beneficiary to a 15% discount on laboratory service in Clinica de Mérida, 10% in X-rays, 10% discount on the purchase or rental of medical equipment; as well as discounts in Videre, for basic surgeries like cataract; consultations and lenses as well as free dental check-up and cleaning at the first visit to the dentist.

“We seek the way of saving money on your health treatment,” said Patricia Sales, after commenting that the company handles all kinds of specialties. “We began to see the needs of people who did not know where to hire their services and that is how the idea of Health Net Connect was conceived.

“We have a list of doctors ranging from angiologists to orthopedists. Whatever your problem is, the doctor will see you and send you to a specialist. We began to see the needs of people who did not know where to hire their services and that is how the idea of Health Net Connect was conceived.” Tina Frewer explained.

In this first stage of launch it is expected to sell around 150 memberships out of the 14,000 expatriates already living in Yucatan and six thousand more who come every year escaping from the winter.

It is not about health insurance. “It is rather a product that is going to reach out and help throughout the process; with any insurance you have, Health Net Connect is who supports that you get the quality service you deserve “. Tina Frewer and Patricia Sales expect the project to reach more people in the near future. 

Tina Frewer
Tina Frewer

HealthNet Connect Membership Benefits:-

  • Membership conveniently available for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year terms
  • No age limit and no health exclusions
  • Couples discount on Annual Membership Fee (20% off second Member when joining at the same time). Friend with a friend, join at the same time and same offer applies.
  • FREE Registration with a Family Doctor (GP) providing office consultations and home visits (if required) at membership rates
  • Access to all HealthNet Connect GP’s out of office hours
  • FREE 24 Hour call line to Medical Co-ordinator (answered by a Doctor)
  • Private 24 hour Emergency Ambulance/Paramedic callout service with an English speaking operator, at plan rates in Merida and the beach communities. Services provided by Clinica de Merida.
  • FREE direction and support for your communication with your private health insurance company, and orientation & support if you are covered under IMSS, The Mexican Social Security Institute, to ensure you get the best attention available
  • Significant savings on routine medications. We work with the leading Pharmaceutical Distributor here in Merida with over 60 years’ experience.
  • 15% Discount on Lab-work at major local hospital and their branch clinics
  • Private Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services/Treatments for $50 pesos per session, including:- Ultrasound, Laser, Tens, Radio Frequency, Electrical Therapy, Paraffin Wax Therapy, Compression, Hot & Cold, Exercise & Gym Equipment
  • Membership Discounts on Eye Exams/Studies, Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses, Lasik Eye Surgery & Cataract Surgery at the leading Eye Clinic in the Yucatan, the only clinic certified by the General Health Council, whose Doctors are members of more than eight National/International Associations of Ophthalmology
  • FREE Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning on first visit at HealthNet Connect Dental Providers.

Did you know that dental work in the Yucatan can save you up to 80% (YES 80%) over prices in the USA? The savings made by having your dental work done here will go a long way, and in some cases, will pay for your trip.

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