Kisses, Flowers and Sighs in Mérida´s Last Day of Carnival.


With the presence of the national singer Belinda, the actress Africa Zavala, the actor Lenny De La Rosa and the TV sportscaster Ericka Fernandez, Tuesday’s parade was a runaway success.

The theme was “the battle of the flowers,” and the festivities took place at “Plaza Carnaval”.

According to Mérida City Hall, more than 300 thousand people visited X’matkuil fairgrounds on the last day of Carnaval. The event lasted more than three hours and featured several attractions and musical performances.

During the parade Belinda snubbed her fans, after a clash with the local media when her managers permitted only front-facing pictures of the artist and not profile shots.

The young performer left the float and went to her dressing room, missing the mayor’s picture. When the float began moving again, she returned and continued with the parade.

Marcelo Sanguinetti’s contribution was colorful and jaunty as he interacted with his fans, while, Africa, Lenny and Ericka were greeting and throwing kisses to their admirers, resulting in sighs and shrieks of delight.
Alternative Celebration

Meanwhile, a group of locals gathered Tuesday February 17th around “El Monumento a La Patria” on Paseo de Montejo, demanding an alternative carnival for the second year in a row.

Displaying banners saying “The Carnival lives only at Montejo”, they proposed a non-alcoholic festival with family activities.

Protesters at Paseo de Montejo (Photo:
Protesters at Paseo de Montejo (Photo:
Batucada on Paseo de Montejo (Photo:
Batucada on Paseo de Montejo (Photo:

The protesters brought plastic bags to collect the garbage and keep Paseo de Montejo clean.

Tuesday, February 17th was the most crowded day at Plaza Carnaval. Because of the multitude of people, the public transportation service was not up to the task, and the police had to take action to prevent disturbances.

More than 100 extra buses were provided by the city to take the crowd back to Merida.





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