Holbox, had 95% of Hotel Occupancy during the Weekend

Holbox Island (Photo: SIPSE)

Holbox, Quintana Roo.- During the past long holiday weekend, the accommodation facilities in the island of Holbox registered a hotel occupancy of 95 per cent, according to Alejandrina Selem Salas, president of the Hotels and Motels Association of the island.

“The hotels, motels and “bed & breakfasts” reported an upturn in their room’s occupancy; around 1,500 visitors spent the night in the island, some of them for up to four days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.”

The carnival celebrations holiday brought a great benefit for this coastal community, due to the influx of visitors from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Yucatan. This generated a great economic spill for the people of Holbox who work in the touristic industry“, declared Selem Salas.

Holbox Island (Photo: SIPSE)
Holbox Island (Photo: SIPSE)

“Looking forward to receive the “spring breakers” and consolidate Holbox as a world class destination; a Touristic Information, Aid and Rescue Module will be inaugurated on the next days at the Kantunilkin entrance, in the mainland”.

 “As an association, we support Mr. Pedro Avalos Flores and the initiative of the National Commission for Aid and Rescue A.C., who organizes altruistic activities to boost tourism promotion. We are setting up a module to provide information to the tourists as soon as they arrive to our municipality.”

“Holbox island maps were distributed among the tourists, in order to provide information about touristic sites, emergency and accommodation numbers, tours, etc”. Selem Salas concluded.


Source: www.laverdadnoticias.com