Hermit – A Novella – A Compelling Tale of Forbidden Romance.

CreateSpace Independent Publishers are proud to offer the latest work from Joel R. Dennstedt, staff journalist and contributor for The Yucatan Times

     Hermit – A Novella – A compelling tale of forbidden romance.

Hermit -A Novella- Front
Hermit -A Novella-


On a hill above the beach, the old man Gabriel lives.

His days are given to routine and isolation. He is preoccupied only with living out his life. He has removed himself from everyone he loves, and now he deals only with his books, his cat, and the ramblings of his mind. He is content to live alone. But Gabriel is living out a lie. He thinks that he has killed his former self – the young and selfish, failed man. Gabriel now follows the teachings of a guru who is dead. He medicates himself with books and meditation. He thinks he is enlightened. He thinks that he knows life. He thinks he is alone.

Until Therese, a beautiful and bright young girl, infiltrates his world.


Hermit -A Novella-  Back
Hermit -A Novella-


Hermit is available now on Amazon and Kindle.




Joel R. Dennstedt is a world traveler, writer, staff journalist for The Yucatan Times and the  author of “Hermit – A Novella – A compelling tale of forbidden romance” as well as  “Orange Cappuccino” popular novel about contemporary romance.

Joel was born and raised in San Diego, California, and the world is now his residence.



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