Drug Lord “La Tuta” arrested by Federal Police in Michoacán

On Friday, February 27th Servando Gómez Martínez (aka La Tuta), alleged leader of the “Caballeros Templarios” criminal group and one of the most wanted criminals by the Mexican Government, was captured by Federal Police. According to preliminary information, La Tuta was arrested in a house in Morelia Michoacán, without a single gun shot.

Servando Gómez Martínez (born February 6, 1966), commonly referred to by his alias La Tuta (or The Teacher) for once being a teacher, is a Mexican suspected drug lord and former leader of the “Knights Templar” Cartel, a criminal organization based in the state of Michoacán. He is a former leader and founder member of “La Familia Michoacana” drug cartel, the split-off group of the Knights Templar.

The PGR offered a reward of 30 million pesos (2 million USD) for information that could lead to his detention.


On Wednesday, February 25th, suspects linked to “La Tuta” were arrested in a police operation across Arteaga and Tumbiscatío municipalities, in the state of Michoacán. This series of operations led to the leader’s arrest.

There will be a press conference on the next hours to give details about his detention.

Servando Gómez Martínez was considered the leader of the “Caballeros Templarios” a Mexican criminal organization composed of remnants of the defunct “La Familia Michoacana” drug cartel based in Michoacán.

The General Attorney Office considered “La Tuta” one of the most violent leaders of organized crime in Mexico. The Treasure Department of the United States pointed him as a “priority target”.


Source: Milenio Diario



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