Dance or Bust: Enrique Iglesias Conquers Merida

Spanish Recording Artist Enrique Iglesias appeared in front of more than 20 thousand people on the night of Sunday February 15th, at “Plaza Carnaval” during his performance as the main event of this year’s Carnaval.

Some fans awaited for more than 12 hours at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds standing in line under the sun, just to get a front row place for the concert.

And finally, at 6:30 pm, with the words “LOVE SEX” illuminating the stage, the dream of many a Yucatecan girl got fullfilled when the lights were turned on, the musicians began to play and Enrique Iglesias came up on stage.

Iglesias started his show with the pop song “I’m a freak”, dancing and swaying in the middle of the stage, while men and women of all ages immediately began chanting along with the artist.

Enrique Iglesias (Photo:
Enrique Iglesias (Photo:

Fans of the Yucatan screamed all kinds of things to the Spanish singer: “Marry me”, “Enrique I love you”, “Enrique I love you more”, “Enrique, here are my daughters!” These were some of the cries that could be constantly heard during the show.

Enrique Iglesias at "Plaza Carnaval" (Photo: SIPSE)
Enrique Iglesias at “Plaza Carnaval” (Photo: SIPSE)

Enrique made everybody dance with “I like how it feels”, “No me digas que no (Don`t say no)” and “Bailamos (Let’s dance)”.

The audience sang along with the artist every single song (Photo: SIPSE)
The audience sang along with the artist every single song (Photo: SIPSE)

Spectators were dazzled by the maginificent performance of musicians and dancers on stage; and to the amazement of the lively crowd, Iglesias took a moment to get closer to his fans and even pose for some “selfies“, which made the Yucatecan public absolutely beserk.

"Loco" (Photo: SIPSE)
“Loco” (Photo: SIPSE)

The evening continued with Iglesias’ famous ballads “El Perdedor (Loser)”, “Loco (Crazy)” and then Enrique went “back in time” to the year 1998 and sang his hit “Nunca te olvidaré (I`ll Never forget you)” making the whole crowd sing along with him.

“El Perdedor” (Photo:


The show continued with “I just wanna be with you” and then, Enrique made the whole crowd crazy with “Tonight I’m with you” and his latest hit, “Bailando” under a shower of silver confetti.

Iglesias ended up the evening with the song “I like it”; and then he said oultloud: “TE AMO MERIDA!” (I love you Merida)”, before the lights went out and the presentation was over around 7:45 pm, leaving the audience screaming for more.

In an interview on February 3, Municipal Representative Alejandro Castro Ruz, said the performance of the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias in the Merida Carnival, in no way represent an economic cost to the City of Merida.

Castro Ruz explained that a Beer Company sponsoring the Carnival is the one paying Iglesias, and the Municipal authorities only contributed in logistics and security for the event.






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