Comparing Mexico Beach Home Real Estate: Noise vs. Charm


It was not long ago when Playa de Carmen had one traffic light and you could drive on Fifth Avenue. No crowds, no noise, no traffic. Nothing can last forever, or can it? The streets of Playa are buzzing with shops, restaurants, nightlife, and year-round residents who have chosen to call this place home.


Early adopters of the dream to own a beach home did well in Playa real estate. Today, it remains a “hot” tourist destination and this beach town has taken on deep roots in the hearts of those who have discovered it. Once a small fishing village, now filled with luxury boutique hotels, a House of Blues, a Louis Vuitton store, and more…  5th Avenue is the place to be seen and is the ferry port for Cozumel.


Playa serves as a destination of the world and home to a few celebrities, including music artist David Guetta. Has Playa outgrown what some believed its potential to be? With international influence on this community, and a variety of shops and nightlife, the Playa experience seems to be no longer quaint and calming.


When Playa surfaced as a potential second home destination, many were skeptical of what it would become. The vision of the perfect beach home was there, however the town had not been built. Those seeking Mexico real estate opportunities will understand the discovery of new beach potential, and finding something surrounded by nature and government protected land to limit growth is a goldmine.


Few recognized that Playa would boom and grow beyond a quiet beach community. Now an “it” spot for noise seekers, the search is on for the next relaxing getaway destination. Rivaling Playa’s original charm is the Yucatan beach town of Sisal. This beach fits the bill for real estate gold mine, nestled between the ocean and flamingo reserves, overgrowth is limited naturally on this land. Additionally, with the land that is available, the government has placed development and density restrictions.


Sisal will never have traffic lights and no buildings taller than a palm tree. The convenience to Yucatan capital city of Merida, provides the best of both worlds. Approximately thirty-five minutes to enjoy the theatre, restaurants, salsa dancing, and more is a bonus to this town. Most beach homes are purchased to get away from the noise, it appears Sisal will always be tucked away to keep the stillness and soothing of ocean waves lapping on the shoreline outside the windows of homes.



Playa is a great destination. Sisal is a newcomer. Location, action, and charm are personal preferences in choosing a Mexico beach home.  Without a right or wrong, what does your forever beach home look like?



By Mandy Allfrey


Mandy Allfrey is an avid traveler and a social marketing consultant. Mandy has been discovering charming destinations for more than a decade where she seeks out local experiences and culture. Her creativity and passion for travel and consulting, has allowed her the opportunity to work with corporations and professionals across the nation and globally, including the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games where she ran the Olympic torch.