A Mexican immigrant triumphs as an executive for Latinos Google

Google Headquarters in California (Photo: Google)

Jesús García immigrated from Mexico to San Diego with his mother and four brothers at the age of five. No one could have guessed the heights he would achieve by the time he reached the age of 30.

Garcia, born in Tijuana, studied at San Diego State University and worked for other major companies, seeking to enter the emerging Latino market.

Now he brings his experience and talent as an executive developing opportunities in the Latino market for Google in New York City. “For me it’s like being in College and Disneyland at the same time,” he says with a broad smile on his face. After graduating with a degree in Economics he worked targeting the Latino market at Hewlett Packard, AT&T and Marriot.

García is fully aware of the great potential that the growing Latino market has in the US.

“There are 55 million Hispanics who have a purchasing power of $ 1.5 trillion dollars and at Google we see a great opportunity for the near future,” said Garcia.

According to Garcia, in states like New York, Texas, California and Florida, 25% of youth is Hispanic and they represent a huge market as they enter adulthood.

Google Headquarters in California (Photo: Google)
Google Headquarters in California (Photo: Google)

This is no group to ignore as they adopt and use technology in everyday life.

Google noted that masses of people tracked soccer news during the finals, resulting in one of the highest trends in all of Latin America.

Garcia pointed out that YouTube has been a great platform for Latinos, many of whom have launched careers using cyberspace, citing singer Becky G and Bethany Mota with her online channel “Macbarbie07”.


He said that Google understands the importance of the Hispanic community both as a market and also as part of the workforce. Google has made an effort to boost diversity and now includes Mexicans, Colombians, Cubans and Venezuelans in its workforce.

At this time 3% of Google employees are Hispanic and Google intends to continue diversity efforts.


“Definitely the Spanish language is heard at Google,” he added.


In 2004 Google moved its headquarters known as Googleplex to Mountain View, California. The company employs 40,000 people in the US, with 4,000 of them in New York, according to Garcia. Today, Google has over 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the world.


Source: http://mexico.cnn.com/