Yucatán to apply emergency plan for bee attacks in schools

Bee Attack (Photo: MIlenio)

The State director of Civil Protection, Aaron Euan Palomo, said that a program featuring emergency protocols for possible Africanized bees attacks will be implemented state wide for all elementary schools in Yucatan.


In an interview, he recalled that a few days ago a school located in the north of Merida was the scene of an Africanized bees attack that left 12 people injured, “fortunately none seriously.”


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Merida Fire Department Truck at Colegio Rogers Hall (Photo: SIPSE)
Merida Fire Department Truck at Colegio Rogers Hall (Photo: SIPSE)

He explained that the school principal applied campus emergency and evacuation protocols, helping to prevent further damage.


“Howeverthe reality is that not all public and private elementary schools have such systems and the organization necessary to work in coordination with state Civil Protection“.


“Therefore, after what happened, it was decided to expand outreach programs to all elementary schools”, he said.

Bee Hive at Colegio Rogers Hall (Photo: SIPSE)
Bee Hive at Colegio Rogers Hall (Photo: SIPSE)

We already have a consolidated program for the public sector childcare system and several kindergartens in the city of Merida, but we saw the urgent need to expand and strengthen these measures to other public and private schools of all levels,” he added.


Through the State Council of Civil Protection we will proceed to approach educational authorities to work in a coordinated manner, the work plan will be sought for the next four years”.


We believe that at this time we can cover most elementary schools both public and private, and begin to work with secondary and preparatory schools“.

Bee Attack (Photo: MIlenio)
Bee Attack (Photo: MIlenio)

For three decades, the Yucatecan bee colonies (which were once predominantly European bees), have been undergoing an “Africanization” process.


The African bees are able to migrate long distances and are much more aggressive than European bees. Since the 80s, large swarms of them began invading our region, and mixed with local European bees” he explained.


Today most bee hives in Yucatan are Africanized and therefore, more aggressive and dangerous than European, so extreme caution is necessary when dealing with them, because an attack can have fatal consequences” Euan Palomo concluded.


Source: http://sipse.com/milenio



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