Yucatán State Government to invest 260 million pesos in environmental rescue projects

Eduardo Batllori Sampedro (Photo: Google)

The Ministry of Urban Development and Environment (Seduma) will invest approximately 260 million pesos (17.3 Million USD) this year for projects relating to the environment and the rescue of cenotes and wetlands in Yucatan.

Minister Eduardo Batllori Sampedro, declared that: “18 million pesos (1.2 Million USD) will be used for the construction of storage facilities and solid waste transfer in municipalities such as Maxcanú, Kanasín, Uman and Hunucmá“.


Another two million pesos (133,330 USD) will be applied to the restoration and remediation of cenotes and wetlands with high levels of contamination.  At the same time, resources for proper waste disposal on pig farms, and for the rescue of beaches and the installation of a regional center for solid waste management will be used in the Western part of the state.

The regional center for waste management will process the waste of at least 19 municipalities in areas that lack adequate systems for the handling and disposal, such as Celestun, Sisal, Tetiz, Kinchil, Samahil, Maxcanú and Halachó.

Eduardo Batllori Sampedro (Photo: Google)
Eduardo Batllori Sampedro (Photo: Google)

For the regional center, the investment is in the neighborhood of the 140 million pesos (9.3 million USD), 50 million pesos (3.3 million pesos) for the rescue of beaches and coastal areas, and another 50 million pesos for pig farming management.


That makes a total of 260 million pesos already guaranteed, and we expect to obtain more federal support through negotiations, which could attract more money to expand the scope of urban development and environmental projects this year,” Batllori Sampedro concluded.



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