The NEW “OLD” Cabo San Lucas Like Real Estate Hot Spot of Mexico – Sisal

Sisal (Photo: Mandy Allfrey)

Cabo San Lucas has been known as a hot destination for tourists and celebrities alike, and is commonly known for its high end real estate properties, however it wasn’t always that way. Beginning in 1974, Cabo San Lucas, became a major center for tourism with the development of infrastructure of the Transpeninsular Highway (also known as the Mexican Federal Highway). Upon completion of the highway, tourist developments started popping up and Cabo became known to the world as a place to own a beach vacation home, drink tequila, or go sport fishing.

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Early adopters in the commercial and residential opportunities in Cabo are still smiling over there early investments which more than likely had huge returns on investment for them over the years. Searching for new property such as Cabo, has been a discussion many international investors or beach home purchasers have been having for years. Prices in Cabo, Playa, Cancun, and other mature places in Mexico are now untouchable for most standards. Magazines and blogs all speculate that now the market may be turning towards Ecuador or Costa Rica, however I am not sure I would hedge my bets on property without convenient access.


Just outside of the cosmopolitan city of Merida, the Mexican government has been spending money on the development of a highway into Sisal, a quaint fishing village with some major potential. The town center and main street have been revitalized with new paint and the road to Sisal creates convenient access from Merida to this beach town. It appears the next ‘play’ in tourism and real estate in Mexico is Sisal. Based on the history of places similar to Cabo and Cancun, Sisal will be the place to be (and stay). The government confirmed this year that the final ‘bypass’ from Merida to Sisal will be in place to cut the travel time to and from Merida to approximately 35 minutes, which will only improve real estate purchases in the area.

Sisal (Photo: Mandy Allfrey)

The good news, there is limited land available in this area, and opportunity for early adopters to get the beach house they have always dreamed of. This beach area will never get to “grow up too much.” Environmental regulations on the limited land available will limit too much growth in the area. According to a source, Sisal may start seeing a hotel or two and restaurants start appearing, and once that happens prices of available land or homes may increase rapidly.

Sisal (Photo: Mandy Allfrey)

Where exactly is Sisal? Sisal is located approximately 32 kilometers from the capital city of Merida, along the north-western Yucatan peninsula shores. Flamingo sanctuaries surround the village, making it more inviting.  This beach town is literally poised to make  a scene. Currently, 250 acres sitting on over a mile of unspoiled beach, appears to have some activity with development written all over it. It is nestled between the ocean and flamingo reserve, which according to my sources, will be developed over the the next decade and include 6 phases or communities which will include expansive lakes and green areas.

Sisal (Photo: Mandy Allfrey)
Sisal (Photo: Mandy Allfrey)

Playing Monopoly in Mexico is following the money, discovering the land, and buying it first. I suggest you keep your eyes on what is happening in Sisal.


By Mandy Allfrey


Mandy Allfrey is an avid writer and world traveler. Mandy has been has been discovering charming destinations for more than a decade and recently made a visit to Merida/Sisal in Yucatan, Mexico where she simply fell in love with the culture. Her creativity and passion for travel and writing, has allowed her the opportunity to work with corporations and professionals across the nation and globally, including the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games where she ran the Olympic torch.