The new minimum age to gamble in Mérida will be 21

MERIDA, Yuc.- Starting on January 1st 2015 the new minimum age to enter casinos will be 21 years of age.”-This was said by the delegate of the Interior Ministry (SEGOB) Omar Corzo Olán, in a press release.  The measure seeks to prevent gambling from becoming a major problem amongst the young population in Mexico, which easily can fall into addiction and jeopardize their future and that of their families.


-“Now, he said, there are new rules in the recently passed Gaming and Lotteries Act passed last year by lawmakers, whose purpose is to control the proliferation of casinos; including the entry of certain types of games in betting shops are allowed and age of the clients is restricted. Today in Yucatán eight casinos are currently operating, five of which function normally and three had to close for a few days to provide their services in an irregular manner.”- He mentioned.



“Among the new rules, it notes that the minimum age to enter a casino is 21 years and that new games will be allowed,” he said.


The federal official said that a national institute to regulate casinos will be created in order to implement strategies for patients with pathological gambling, especially among young people who may fall into prostitution and seniors citizens who risk their heritage.

TYT Newsroom