Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon to attract USD 700m for Wind Energy

Mexico’s Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon states expect to attract over USD 700 million in wind energy investments as of 2015, Jose Maria Leal, head of Tamaulipas’ energy agency, declared on Tuesday, January 24th.


The investors are looking for strategic locations for projects worth over USD 100 million each, whereby the governments expect jobs, regional development and lower electricity costs.

For the more advanced projects, there are talks over wind power supplies with department store chains, Leal said.


The first wind farm will be built in Ciudad Victoria city from March and will generate some 100 MW initially, while an additional 150 MW is planned for a later stage.

Mexico’s Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon want to attract USD 700m for wind energy (Photo: SeeNews Renewables)


Tamaulipas already has a 54-MW wind park opened last year in Reynosa by retailer Soriana (MXK:SORIANAB) and partners. There are wind projects in the municipalities of Llera, Casas and Matamoros, among others.


Source: http://renewables.seenews.com/