Rosa’s Secret  # 8

Max and I were at Bobo and Cutlass’ villa Casa Rosa Azul. During a renovation to their bedroom, they discovered a box hidden in the wall containing Rosa’s famous sapphire rose pin. It also contained personal letters. One envelope edged in black read (I will translate from Spanish) “To Be Opened After My Death” – Rosa Azul.

     Cutlass held the envelope up.

     “The suspense is killing me,” I said, sitting on the edge of my chair.

     With an exaggerated flourish, Cutlass opened the envelope, unfolded the letter and began to read.

     I’d like to tell the world about my beloved “Him!”

     Max and I drew our breaths in sharply.  

     We met when we were young and knew immediately we were soul mates. This is the person who gave me everything and helped make me the star the world loves.

     When I was hoping to be in movies, this was the person who told me every day, “You will be great!” When I received my first small speaking role, there was a bottle of expensive champagne waiting at home even though we had no money. When I was away on movie locations, a letter came nearly every day with the message, “I love you and am waiting at home for you.” This is my love who encouraged me through every step of my career.

      When my career flourished, my darling gave me the now famous sapphire rose pin. I wore it in at least one scene of every movie I made. It was our secret, “I love you” message. When my beloved passed away, a part of me died, too. I left the movies and became a recluse.

     My beloved, my darling, my flame, my life “Him!” was H. I. M. —- Hortensia, Isabella Montserrat known to the world as Dulce, my housekeeper for 35 years. I was never ashamed of my love for Hortensia but making it public would have ruined my career and we knew that. I hope whenever this letter is discovered, the days of hiding one’s true feelings will be over and one’s love life will not be judged.

     You can do with this letter what you like. Dulce and I shared a perfect life of laughter and joy that can never be taken away. 


Rosa Azul

     Max dropped the olive he was holding. It rolled to the wall under Rosa’s portrait and bounced off. “My God!” he said, “you’ve got the scoop of the century! Every talk show host will be clamoring for interviews! You’ll be stars!”

     Stunned, I asked, “What are you going to do?”

     Cutlass and Bobo looked at each other with sober expressions, “Rosa says in the letter she and Hortensia shared a wonderful life together. Do you think we would destroy the mystery of “Him!” and expose Rosa? Look at us. We can live together freely. There is more tolerance. Besides, the mystery is so fabulous.”

     Max said smiling, his voice full of respect, “Bravo! You’re quite the men.”

     “Don’t applaud yet, my dears, we’re keeping the pin and telling the world we found it! We’ll throw a party you’ll never forget.”

      He was right. It was a party I’ll never forget. But not the way he meant.

Xoxo   Sylvia