New Direct Flight Mérida – Tijuana: Linking The Two Peninsulas in 2015

Since November 6th, 2014, Mexican Airline Carrier Volaris has a new route between Tijuana, Baja California, and Mérida, Yucatán every Thursday, linking the Baja California Peninsula with the Yucatan Peninsula, more than 3,000 kilometers away from each other in a straight line.


This new route,  positions Tijuana as one of the most important airports in the country for this airline, according to the CEO of Volaris, Enrique Beltranena.

In a statement, noting that Volaris currently operates 285 weekly flights, in and out of Tijuana and has transported 17 million passengers from that destination since it began operations in 2006.

Beltranena underlined that the new route to Tijuana adds to those offered to cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, resulting in 20 weekly flights and providing service to more than 275,000 passengers to date.


The new flight between these two cities flies out of Tijuana at 10:45 hours, arriving in Merida at 16:45 hours; and out of the capital of Yucatan at 17:15, to land on the border city at 16:45.