Residents of Kanasín complain about insecurity in the area

Neighbors of Kanasin

Kanasín’s residents complain about the insecurity in the area known as “Colonia el Tulipán de  Kanasín”.

Residents of Kanasín had a meeting on Wednesday January 21st  to protest against insecurity, poor lighting and bad condition of the streets, they state that mayor Carlos Andrade ignores them as they have sent several letters to the Municipality of that city and have not received a response to their demands.

Most of the residents also complained about a house robbery that took place on January 21st on Calle 13 (x 6) of the “El Tulipán” community. The house owner arrived and found a broken window, and this was used as an entering point to get into his property and steal his belongings. Several items were stolen and  then, the house was set on fire.

Neighbors of Kanasin
Neighbors of Kanasin (Photo:

“We are tired of our life conditions, the streets are in poor condition and there are no lights at night, vandals take advantage of the situation and break into our houses when people leave to work.

In order to use the public transportation system, we have to walk through empty lots to get to the bus stop, on those lots several residents had been assaulted.

A woman was taking her kid to the kindergarten the other day, When a thief snatched her purse in broad daylight and ran away.

We are scared to go out at night due to the attacks and we worry about our house integrity when going to work “ said one of the residents.

A broken window, and this was used as an entering point (Photo:

Another member of the community commented the following:”We have sent out several letters to the City Hall and  we have been ignored.

During the elections the mayor asked for our vote, and said he would fix the problems, but so far he has done nothing. In several occasions that houses were burglarized, police does not even show up  Here, the mayor has forgotten about us , we pay our taxes and we call out the authorities to address our needs, especially because the children living in our community  are suffering the most”.

Neighbors of Kanasin
Neighbors of Kanasin


“Among other issues, there is a great number of puddles all over the streets, this generates mosquitoes and flies threatening our health” concluded another affected neighbor .




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