My Favorite Traditional Mexican Outfits

Mestizo Couple Photo: Google)


Hello readers, Happy New Year and once again welcome back to Expat Avenue!

I have finally found something super interesting to share with you, and as I am sure you may not know about this, it will be my pleasure to show you one of my favorite part of Mexico´s culture.

As you know, Mexico is a place of many wonders and mysteries, but perhaps my favorite is the fact that every single one of the states has it´s own “typical clothing” which is the reason why every school year since I can remember we would celebrate October 12th, a day we call “Día de la Raza” in Hispano-America these are the territories that were conquered by Spain, and this day celebrates the fusion between cultures when Colombus first came to America by dressing up as people from all over the world, and since Mexico has all of the different clothing depending on the region, it is a common misconception that all of the rest of the world does as well; so you can probably picture little girl Marina dressed up as a cowgirl with two braids (one on either side of my head, down to my neck) because since my mom is American and that was the United States “typical clothing” I was the one who fit the part just perfectly… YIKES!


Coming back to topic, I would like to share with you some of the different clothing from around Mexico, of course, with a little information on each one and pictures so you can appreciate them even better.



Aguascalientes is very proud of its culture, and so, it has many different typical dresses, all though, the official one, recognized by the State is very unique, and belongs to textile designer Jorge Campos Espino.


A White dress, sinched in the waist, with small sleeves and no neck. It has different kinds of embroirdery and pulled thread. The official version, has the jardín de San Marcos in the inferior center of the skirt and a rooster fight and grapes on either side of this. At the end, it has a pleat with pulled thread. To complement, you wear a white shal, also with pulled thread.

Aguascalientes Typical Dress
Aguascalientes Typical Dress


A representation of hard work. It consists of a blue jean overalls with a plaid shirt. They wear a bandana and a straw hat on their head. And this is representative of the train engineers of the colonial times.

Overalls and a plaid shirt (Photo: Google)



This is my favorite, for sure. It consist of a wide skirt made out of a fabric called popelina that can be many different bright colors, like red, hot pink, lime green, blue, etc… It has many pleats, and each one is accompanied by a bright colored ribbon. The blouse is the same color as the skirt and also has ribbons and pleats.

Jalisco typical dress



Also a place that is proud of its culture, and has managed to maintain its traditions standing for centuries.


The typical clothing is a terno. We call it this because it is composed of three peaces, the fustan, which is an under skirt that typically has the same cross stitch design as the huipil, the second part, that is like a squared dress with cross stitched flowers, and the third part is the jubon, a piece of extra cross stitch that you wear over your chest and back. This is accompanied by white high heeled shoes that are also embroidered.

Yucatecan Terno Photo: Google)


A linen guayabera, white linen pants, huaraches, these are typical region sandals and a straw hat.

Mestizo Couple Photo: Google)
Mestizo Couple (Photo: Google)


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