President Peña Nieto and HRH Prince Charles officially announce the Dual Year (Photo: EMBAMEX)

MEXICO CITY, DF – During HRH Prince Charles’s visit to Mexico in November, the Year of Mexico in the UK and the Year of the UK in Mexico in 2015 was formally announced, and with the chiming of the clock at midnight on December 31, the “Dual Year” as it has become known, began. In an event at the National Palace, held while the Prince was visiting, President Peña Nieto said: “This simultaneous celebration is the ultimate expression of respect and recognition, friendship and solidarity between two nations. With a broad program of activities both countries will promote a greater understanding between our societies and closer cooperation in all aspects of our bilateral relationship.”

President Peña Nieto also reported that he will make a State visit to the UK in 2015 at the invitation of HM Queen Elizabeth II, commenting that in Mexico “we remember with affection the fact that the UK was one of the first superpower nations to recognize our independence and establish business relationships with our emergent nation. Since that memorable event, trust and friendship between our nations has strengthened, as reflected in different areas of the bilateral relationship.”

HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, said that “Today, the ties that bind the British and Mexican people are stronger than ever, whether in business, government, education, science, sport, culture, trade, in fighting international crime, promoting human rights, or protecting the urban and natural environment.” He was struck by the fascination that exists of one culture for another “and by the energy and goodwill that are generated when we work together.” HRH said he could not be more pleased with the announcement that this already excellent relationship will be further enhanced over the course of 2015 through The Year of the UK in Mexico and The Year of Mexico in the UK. HRH continued: “it seems to me that we are experiencing a new impetus in our relationship, with more of us visiting, working and studying in each other’s countries than ever before.”

The Government of Mexico is preparing an ambitious program that will seek to attract a variety of audiences in numerous British cities. The Year will focus on three major sectors: Arts and Creative Industries, Education, Science and Innovation, and Trade, Investment and Tourism.

This special Year is being designed to reach diverse audiences across Mexico, including in key business centers outside Mexico City. The program will include approximately 50 events in 13 towns and cities including several Mexican cultural festivals of the year, for example the Cervantino Festival, Guadalajara Book Fair, and the Morelia Film Festival, as well as unforgettable British moments at Mexico City Festival, and Docs DF Festival.

President Peña Nieto and HRH Prince Charles officially announce the Dual Year (Photo: EMBAMEX)
President Peña Nieto and HRH Prince Charles officially announce the Dual Year (Photo: EMBAMEX)

The Year of the UK in Mexico will display the quality, diversity, breadth and innovation of Britain through exhibitions, concerts, performances, talks, workshops, residencies, collaborative projects, exchanges and competitions in the arts, education, science and entrepreneurship. In the UK, the Mexican government is preparing a parallel program of events that will light up cities across the country and introduce British audiences to the amazing energy and talent that modern Mexico has to offer.

Did you know that:

Mexico and the UK established diplomatic relations in 1826 through the signing of the “Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Trade”?


The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy (with a GDP of 2.535 billion dollars) and Mexico is the fourteenth (with a GDP of 1.258 billion dollars)?


Among European countries, the UK is Mexico’s sixth largest trading partner, and in 2013, bilateral trade reached 3.946 million dollars?


Universities in the UK are ranked among the best in the world, and that the UK is the second choice overseas destination for Mexican students (behind the USA, but in front even of Spain)?


UK tourists make up the third largest group of travelers to Mexico (after the USA and Canada)?


By Stewart Mandy

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