Mérida Enjoys Huge “Rosca de Reyes”

Friendly hotel staff on hand to serve the Rosca - photo Stewart Mandy

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – January 6 is the Three Kings Day (Epiphany), when the traditional “Rosca de Reyes” is cut and eaten in homes across Spain and Latin America. In Mérida, on January 5 each year however, various city hoteliers come together to sponsor a gigantic rosca, in aid of several different charities, which this year included “Hogar de Loreto”, “Centro de Atención Integral al Menor en Desamparo”, “Centro de Comunicación y Servicios Sociales”, “Alas Al Vuelo” and “Fundación Elda Peniche Larrea”.


Preparation for the event begins in October each year, when the chefs of the seven participating properties meet to determine the quantity of ingredients each property will contribute; on this occasion it was decided that the length of the rosca would be an incredible 2.5 kilometers, with each hotel providing approximately 500 meters. More than 100 people participated in the preparation between the seven hotels.

Friendly hotel staff on hand to serve the Rosca - photo Stewart Mandy
Friendly hotel staff on hand to serve the Rosca – (photo Stewart Mandy)

This year was the 19th edition of the event, and the length of the rosca has increased each year, to accommodate the increased interest and number of visitors. The entire street between the Fiesta Americana and Holiday Inn / Hyatt Regency was occupied by tables containing the rosca, while a stage at each end of the street provided entertainment to the gathered crowds.

Impressive Rosca - (photo Stewart Mandy)
Impressive Rosca – (photo Stewart Mandy)

We were unable to independently verify the length of the entire rosca, however it was impressive, and, we are pleased to report, delicious, having sampled the sections produced by the Intercontinental and the Fiesta Americana.


A generous slice of rosca with a soft drink was $30 pesos, with all proceeds going to the nominated charities.

Entertainment - (photo Stewart Mandy)
Entertainment – (photo Stewart Mandy)

The hotels reported that 15,000 eggs, 270 liters of milk, 2400 kilos of flour, 100 kilos of dried fruit, and 250 kilos of yeast went into the production, as well as 150 small plastic dolls, which were hidden in the dough. Tradition in Mexico is that whoever finds the doll in their section of ‘rosca’ must host a dinner of tamales and atole on February 2 (Candlemas Day).

Rosca sales - (photo Stewart Mandy)
Rosca sales – (photo Stewart Mandy)

If you would like to learn more about the Rosca de Reyes and associated traditions, Wikipedia has an article here.


By Stewart Mandy

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