Los Reyes Magos Are Coming To Town

Reyes magos
Rosca de Reyes
Rosca de Reyes

Surprise!!  Just when you thought that the Holiday season was over, Mexico has another big one to celebrate in just a few days.

Holy Kings Day is a celebration held on the 6th of January of each year in celebration of Epiphany Day or the appearance of the Wise Men: Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar. This celebration like many other Mexican Holidays has a very specific menu, and is celebrated not only by families but also in schools and offices.

The Kings Cake or ¨Rosca de Reyes¨ comes in both traditional and more modern varieties. Both varieties can be found with either a round or oval shape and usually have a subtle orange flavor, the tops are decorated with figs, quinces, cherries, nuts and other candied fruits and on the inside the bread has 6 small plastic dolls representing the baby Jesus. The modern varieties are often filled on the inside with either cream or Edam cheese, and there is even a Rosca Brioche de Reyes, this snack is accompanied with hot chocolate.

Rosca with baby Jesus
Rosca with baby Jesus

When serving this bread it is very important that each person cuts his or hers own slice, or for that matter two or three,  in Mexican tradition the person or persons who find one of the hidden dolls in their slice must pay for the party cost for another Mexican Celebration, Candlemas Day, ¨Día de la Candelaria¨ that is held on February 2.  On this day the same group will meet again to enjoy tamales and Mexican appetizers. It is considered good luck and that you are fortunate if you find the baby Jesus hiding in your slice of bread.

This year, get a “Rosca de Reyes” make some hot chocolate and enjoy in the company of friends and family… and don´t forget to tell your guests whoever finds the baby Jesus has to buy the Tamales for the 2nd of February.

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