Ayotzinapa Murders Confirmed in Latest Confession

Rodríguez Salgado: corroborates official findings.(Photo: EL FINANCIERO)

The Guerreros Unidos gang member arrested January 15 has corroborated earlier testimony by other gang members regarding the deaths of 43 students of the Ayotzinapa teacher training school.

Felipe Rodríguez Salgado has confessed that he and four accomplices shot and killed about 15 students before burning their bodies and those of another 25 who had died of asphyxiation, according to the testimony, which appears in documents obtained by Mexico’s Newspaper Milenio.

Rodríguez said that on the night of September 26 he had been told by Gildardo López, another gang leader, that a confrontation was taking place between the Guerreros and a rival gang, Los Rojos, in Iguala. He was ordered to go to the outskirts of Iguala, take delivery of several members of the rival gang and make sure they disappeared.

Rodríguez Salgado: corroborates official findings.(Photo: EL FINANCIERO)
Felipe Rodríguez Salgado: corroborates official findings.(Photo: EL FINANCIERO)

At a place identified as Loma de Coyotes they found Gildardo waiting with municipal police chiefs from Iguala and Cocula, five patrol cars and a truck which was supposedly carrying members of Los Rojos.

The latter were transferred into another vehicle and driven to the garbage dump, where those who remained alive were killed and their bodies burned. Rodríguez said Gildardo ordered him to ensure all the bodies were completely incinerated. The ashes and remains were later put in plastic garbage bags and thrown in the San Juan River.

According to Milenio’s report, Rodríguez, also known as El Cepillo, had worked for the Guerreros Unidos since 2005, starting out as an informant and hawk, before being placed in charge of the gang’s activities in Cocula and Iguala.

After the events of September 26 and 27 he had attempted to cross the border into the United States and and hide from authorities with a brother who lives in Iowa. But he was nabbed by U.S. officials at the border and returned to Mexico.

He hid for a while in Tecámac, State of México, before going to Jiutepec, Morelos, where he was arrested.

– Source: http://mexiconewsdaily.com



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