$68 Million Pesos To Remodel Merida´s Principal Markets

Lucas de Glavez photo: SIPSE


January 7, 2015 – Mérida Yuc.-

“In the next few days reconstruction and renovation will begin in 2 of Merida´s most important markets, The San Benito and The Lucas de Gálvez”. Said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha who explained that both spaces need remodeling to improve both their services and security.
He explained that after meeting with several tenants they agreed that work should not begin until after December sales were over, to prevent loss of sales in such an important month.

Some preliminary work will begin this week to advance in the project before beginning the actual renovations which will take approximately 8 months to complete and should be finished in August, 2015.

Lucas de Glavez photo: SIPSE
Lucas de Glavez photo: SIPSE

The mayor also indicated that there are several different types of work that must be done considering that some areas require more work than others, such as the meat area which must be totally reconstructed due to the fact that the roof has fallen. Electricity and water lines will be changed, bathrooms will be remodeled and the vendors stalls and electric lines will also be changed.

Of the $68 million pesos (4.5 Million USD) authorized for the construction, $56 million pesos will be used for the Lucas de Gálvez and $12 million pesos for the San Benito.

Mercado San Benito photo: oronegro.mx
Mercado San Benito photo: oronegro.mx

The work will be done a little at a time, so vendors will not have to all be removed, and authorities are still looking for an area to relocate them once the work begins.

Source: Presidencia Municipal Merida /TYT Newsroom