American Tourists Stranded in Yucatán Tropical Forest for five days

Two American tourists were lost in the Yucatán tropical forest for five days, from Monday 12th through Friday 16th, January.

Investigators have determined that Kelly Batchelor, 28, of Washington, D.C., and her boyfriend, Adam Wheeler, 29, had arrived in Mérida, Yucatán on Friday, January 9th, and from there proceeded to Playa del Carmen to attend the BPM Electronic Music Festival, an annual event showcasing 10 days of nonstop music and entertainment.

They left the festival in the early morning hours on Monday 12th, planning to return to Mérida in a rental vehicle. But according to testimony given to the local police, a group of “Eastern Europeans” pursued the couple after they left Playa del Carmen. When their vehicle ran out of gas near Katanchel, in the municipality of Tixkokob, they supposedly fled from their pursuers into the forest.

lost woman found
Kelly Batchelor, 28, went 5 days without food or water (Photo:

Investigators said they have determined that the couple had taken synthetic drugs during the music festival and there were indications that hallucinations were a factor in the events that took place.

When local farmers encountered Wheeler stranded in the bush on Thursday, January 15th, he reportedly told them that Batchelor had been shot and killed, and that he had buried her body. When Seyé municipal police arrived on the scene, they said Wheeler attempted to commit suicide.

Police officers declared that Wheeler told them later that men had been trying to kill the couple so they fled into the forest, intending to get to Hacienda Katanchel.

After he gave the police an idea of where Batchelor might be found, rescue and emergency personnel launched a search using a State Police K-9 Unit.

A State Police helicopter transported the woman to a private hospital in Mérida (
A State Police helicopter transported the woman to a private hospital in Mérida (

She was finally located on Friday January 17th, around noon, about eight kilometers from the highway, severely dehydrated after five days without water but conscious. Municipal Police Officers cleared an area of brush to allow a helicopter to land and transport the woman to a private hospital in Mérida.




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