Monday Morning Protest at Merida´s Airport

12 carrier groups as well as members of the taxi syndicate FUTV will attend next Monday at the entrance of Mérida´s International Airport to prevent the company ADO from starting a taxi service for tourists as announced.


FUTV movement is supported by several other carrier groups and organizations, whose members also will join in the demonstration to be held starting at 6 am. At a press conference, the leader of the taxi drivers Hector Fernández Zapata, said:

“The decision to hold the protest is to prevent the monopolist company ADO, start with that service. It represents unfair competition which undermines the work taxi drivers performed for 50 years in the Merida airport”.

Fernandez also claims that the trucking company “lacks the experience they have as taxi drivers and it aims to monopolize transportation regardless of the serious consequences that will cause the members of this Union, putting at risk the activity carried out and is the only one they have, to bring income for their families”. (SIC)

Hector Fernández Zapata FUTV union leader.
Hector Fernández Zapata FUTV union leader.

After the press conference held in the premises of FUTV, Fernández Zapata and its members, accompanied by leaders of the other organizations of transporters, moved to the office of the Secretary of Communications and Transportation to submit a written complain.

If you are flying Monday morning, take your precautions.

JJ. Argáez/The Yucatan Times.



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