A spectacular conflagration destroyed two large warehouses located in Circuito Colonias/Colonia Obrera. It is still not clear what caused the accident that left a million dollars in property damage, but no injuries.

The long column of dense black smoke was seen from the Itzáes Avenue and other parts of the city, according to the neighbors, close to the area of the fire, near vision and breathing were almost impossible.

Photo: Por Esto!

About 250 members of the Ministry of Public Security, firefighters, paramedics and security agents, implemented security protocols and quelled the intense fire that threatened to reach neighboring properties.

To assist in the fire that was almost out of control, military personnel under Lieutenant Luis Alfredo Salazar Padilla Trejo from the 11th Infantry Battalion of Military Zone XXXII, showed up to help. Meanwhile, state Civil Protection was in place to assess damages and implement security systems in this cases.
The smoke covered several streets, making visibility impossible and hurting eyes and throats of people in the adjoining areas. Fire was reported shortly before 8 pm and by midnight had been controlled.

Photo: Por Esto!

Firefighters managed to prevent the fire to progress and reached neighboring properties, as police officers advised the neighbors to evacuate. Dozens of emergency units arrived, among them two fire trucks with ladders, used to fight the fire from above.
The two warehouses covered a 3 thousand square meters area, with concrete walls and tin roof, where hundreds of new motorcycles, refrigerators, air conditioners amongst other articles awaited to be shipped to different clients, burning entirety.
It is noteworthy to mention that this fire has, so far, considered the strongest this year.

JJ. Argáez for The Yucatan Times.

Photo: Por Esto!