Mexico Adds to the Sense of Urgency on Climate Change

Mexico joined the call from the United Nations (U.N.) on Tuesday December 9th, for governments to “have a sense of urgency” surrounding developing negotiations to draft an agreement to mitigate the largest risks of climate change.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said during the COP20 Climate Change Conference that the message is too urgent to postpone or delay decisions to confront the risks created by climate change. “The window of opportunity is closing,” said Ban.

Speaking at the summit, Mexican Natural Resources and Environment Secretary Juan José Guerra Abud said that “Mexico adds to the sense of urgency from the U.N. secretary general.”

Juan Jose Guerra Abud
Natural Resources and Environment Secretary Juan José Guerra Abud (Photo: Google)

Mexico is a moderate greenhouse gas emitter,” he said. “However, because of our geographic location we are one of the countries that will be most affected by climate change.”

The secretary told the assembled U.N. representatives about an earthquake that hit Mexico this year during a meeting of the 17 countries that produce the most greenhouse gases.


As the meetings were getting underway the seismic alarm that alerts the population of an imminent earthquake two minutes before it hits went off, he said.

When the announcement was made to the auditorium, the international delegates couldn’t believe that Mexico had the capacity to create an alert with two minutes of anticipation, he said.

Mexico developed the technology to alert citizens of impending earthquakes, which mostly originate along the Pacific coast.


“When an earthquake is registered in the Pacific, an electronic message is immediately sent out in Mexico City,” said Guerra Abud. “We have between one and two minutes to prepare before the earthquake hits the Capital.”

Delegates began to leave the building in disbelief and at the same moment the earthquake was felt at the location, he said.

“This sense of urgency should be transferred to the negotiations of climate change,” said the secretary in representation of the Mexican Government.

“Climate change is not affecting all countries equally. We must act with urgency.”

Secretary-General ban Ki-moon addresses the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru. UN (Photo/Mark Garten)

Other countries who echoed Ban’s call of urgency included Bolivia, some African nations and some small Pacific Islands such as Tubalo.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said that an agreement that is “practical for life and mother earth” is urgent, with respect to the development of populations. Morales called on world leaders to listen to the wisdom of indigenous people.

Energy reform includes the Mexican Government’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent, said Guerra.

“The great instrument that Mexico has to reduce emissions is the energy reforms just approved by Congress,” said the secretary. “Thanks to these reforms we will have more power to promote renewable energy.”