Mexican Labor and Welfare Secretary discusses Immigration Policies on International Forum in France

Labor and Social Welfare Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida called on member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to recognize the importance and contribution of migrants in their countries of origin and destination on Monday.

During his remarks at the OECD High Level Forum on Migration in France, the secretary said that governments have a commitment to protect workers’ rights and promote safe internal working environments.

“Migrant workers, in particular migrant women and people with precarious employment, must be included as outlined by the post-2015 United Nations Development Agenda,” said Navarrete Prida.

Labor and Social Welfare Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida

Mexico is committed to guaranteeing human rights and the rights of laborers and migrant workers, he said.

“We have to strengthen all of our efforts so that migrant workers can exercise complete and total labor rights … in favor of integrity, dignity, financial security and human development,” he said the secretary.

The work of representatives for migrant workers and employers is fundamental, he said, even though it’s the responsibility of governments to ensure legal, safe and orderly migration. The employers and workers are the people directly on the ground involved in the labor market, he said.

It is important to implement actions for regulating the flow of migrant laborers, said the secretary. He recognized the instruments and initiatives of the International Labor Office to coordinate the efforts of countries toward protecting the rights of workers.



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