For almost the last three weeks the Mayor’s Wife and President of the DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia), Diana Castillo Laviada, has suspended her activities due to the fact that she had been diagnosed with dengue and was recommended by her doctor to “stay at home”. Newly released details confirm that it was not dengue, but instead she is two months pregnant.

Diana Castillo Laviada
Diana Castillo Laviada (Photo: Google)

On Monday December 8th, during a ceremony to deliver wheelchairs, glasses and other orthopedic supplies, Jose Cetina Osorio, one of the beneficiaries of this program asked for prayers for Castillo Laviada, saying that she was a “tad ill”, this statement was expressed when he gave a speech on behalf of himself and the other beneficiaries.

In turn, DIF Director González Prieto confirmed that the president of the DIF was ill and was not able to attend due to this matter.

In a later interview she announced that the functionary had been diagnosed with dengue, however later in the day a source close to the family happily reported that the couple will be blessed with their first child.

If the calendar is correct, their first child will be born in Summer of 2015.





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