Mayor Receives Young Exchange Student Volunteers

Five college students from Colombia, Brazil, Germany and Belgium paid a visit to Mayor Renán Barrera Concha as part of a team of volunteers working with the FEYAC here in Merida, they arrived as part of the exchange program set up by the International Association of Commercial Science and Economics. 

FEYAC (Fundación del Empresario Yucateco A.C.) is a non profit organization dedicated to create proper conditions for social, economic and human development of the inhabitants of the State of Yucatan in conditions of extreme poverty, through the strengthening and coordination of actions between the public, private and social sectors.


Also attending the meeting was Guillermo Medicutti Loria, President of the Foundation of Young Business Leaders.  


Mendicutti manifested that an indication of the maturity of the society is shown by its voluntary work and that unfortunately this type of work is minimum in the Mexican society, he also stated that when young people decide to perform this type of work they should be commended.   




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