Inauguration of Mérida’s New Tourism Executive Offices

Brand New Tourism Office

The Mérida Director of Tourism, Mr. Tommy Soberanis spoke about the importance of Tourism for the city of Merida.

The current admninistración is working to position the touristic activity as one of the main sources of income for the city.

Merida has been consolidated in this XXI century as an authentic and modern, contemporary and colonial city, which in recent years has also grown in a remarkable manner.

Whoever has visited the Yucatecan Capital to attend a conference, convention, to close a business deal, or to look for investment opportunities, will affirm without hesitation that Mérida is a World Class destination for business and investment, with the ideal environment that combines beautiful weather, art and culture with state of the art services and facilities.

The ciy of Merida is a well connected urban center and multiple entertainment and recreational options, cultural activities, food and drink businesses, sports events and the limitless possibilities of tourism that the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer, just a short drive away from the city”.

Soberanis said that the “Tu y Yo” Chair (also known as “The Lovers Seat”), has been chosen as the iconic symbol for this new Tourism Direction Office.

These peculiar chairs were installed in the remodeling of the Plaza Grande,  held in 1915, when the first central platform was placed; over time the design was copied and even transcended to other municipalities and other states of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Mayor Renan Barrera Concha presided over the opening ceremony and highlighted the commitment of his administration to this productive sector, he underlined the importance that “the smokeless industry” has for the city and stated that the city of Mérida is ready to become one of the top Cultural Tourism Destinations in the country.