COZUMEL SCUBA FEST 2014: The most important dive festival in the Americas


Come to the Island and Enjoy the most important diving festival in the Americas:

Diving, Business, Marketing, Art, Gastronomy and Social Networking.

This event has the main objective of  providing a solid platform that will attract and serve national and international dive tourism to the Caribbean Island of Cozumel, and to maintain the island’s position as Mexico’s Dive Capital by promoting its natural beauty, including the famed Mesoamerican Reef.
The Cozumel Scuba Fest is acquiring recognition as the most important dive festival in the Americas, an event which includes not only diving but also business/marketing, research and teaching, photography, art, and networking on a global level. Additionally, through the efforts of our comprehensive organizing committee, the Scuba Fest offers ideal experiences for tourists visiting Cozumel.

To collaborate with integrity, harmony and discipline with a committee that openly shares the presented proposals and ideas in order to maximize the Event.
To promote a sense of social responsibility among established local companies collaborating with the highest quality of their services.
To encourage mutual agreements with tour operators and travel agents involved in this project.
To preserve Cozumel’s ecosystems through specific actions according to the environmental commission of the committee.
To evaluate the accomplishments of participating collaborators and volunteers in order to improve the Scuba Fest year after year.
To involve the community of Cozumel in the various venues of the Scuba Fest by creating incentives that stimulate their interest and eagerness to participate.
To be perseverant and continue creating new alliances with both the public and private sectors.




Hour Event
Arrival of Participating Divers and Exhibitors
18:00 Cocktail reception and inauguration of Cozumel Scuba Fest 2014. Welcome greeting by Jean-Michel Cousteau. (official photograph)(Closing of the FMAS 2014 Congress)Documentary “Mexico Pelagico” and “The Current”
Location: Rooftop Terrace of the Coral Princess Hotel

Sponsors: Coral Princess Hotel and Pepe Scuba.



Hour Event
08:00 Start of dives: Scuba Fest Route of Jean-Michel Cousteau
Sign up at our participating dive shops and become familiarized with packages including accommodations at the best prices!.
11:00 Dive and demo of the Side Mount Seac KS01 by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Karlos Simon.
Location: Hotel Presidente Intercontinental
(By invitation only).
14:00 Registration of participants at the Cozumel Convention CenterCulinary showcase: “A Taste of Cozumel Cuisine”, outside the Convention CenterOrganize: CANIRAC.
16:00 Start of SCUBA EXPO trade show/exhibit featuring the best brands and dive merchandise in Mexico. There is also a program of conferences.Location: Cozumel Convention Center.
17:00 Opening keynote presentation by Jean-Michel Cousteau, “The Sustainable Future: Preserve the Oceans, Protect Ourselves” (in English).
18:00 Stories and memories – roundtable discussion by “Diver friends of Ramon Bravo”
We welcome friends of the late Ramon Bravo to share unforgettable experiences about the most beloved diver of Mexico.
20:00 Gala dinner and official inauguration ceremony. Jean-Michel Cousteau presents the El Buzo de Oro (“The Golden Diver”) second annual awards to outstanding divers in Mexico and worldwide for their career, experience and contribution to the industry and the world of diving.NRDALocation: Cozumel Convention Center.


Hour Event
11:00 Second day of diving along the Scuba Fest Route of Jean-Michel Cousteau.
15:00 Submerged unveiling by Jean-Michel Cousteau of the sculpture honoring the memory of diver Ramon Bravo in the Underwater Museum of the Buzo de Oro (“The Golden Diver”)
Location: Villablanca Reef
Sponsored by the Honorable City of Cozumel.
17:30 Visiting the exhibitor stands of Scuba Expo Trade ShowLocation: Cozumel Convention Center.
17:30 Night dive for divers participating in the Scuba Fest Route
19:00 Symposium with a panel of cave diving experts: Las Leyendas Vivas de la Espeología (“Living Legends of Cave Diving”) Unpublished material.
21:00 Moonlight Cocktail Reception (Lunada Bohema): raffle, music and regional buffet. Sponsored by CostaMedLocation: Location: Cozumel Convention Center.


Hour Event
11:00 Third day of diving the Scuba Fest Route of Jean-Michel Cousteau.
16:00 Lecture by Baltazar Pazos
Scuba Fest Expo in the Cozumel Convention Center.
17:00 DAN Conference by Dr. Cuahutemoc Sánchez.
18:00 Lecture about the “Black Hole and Naia, Arqueological Site” presented by Alex Álvarez original explorer.
19:00 Departure aboard the Fury Catamaran from Cozumel’s San Miguel Pier to Hotel Secrets Aura Cozumel.
20:00 “National and Continental Static Apnea Record” with Alejandro Lemus, sponsored by the Secrets Resort Hotel
Dive and demo with Side Mount Seac KS01 by Karlos Simon, CEO-Director of Buceo Hispania, Spain.
21:00 Return from the Secrets Aura Cozumel to the San Miguel Pier. (Taxis will give a preferential price).


Hour Event
10:00 Fourth and last day of diving along the Cozumel Scuba Fest Jean-Michel Cousteau Route.
14:00 Lunch, sponsored by Sr. Frog’s.
16:00 Scuba Expo at the Cozumel Convention Center.
16:00 Conference: “Monitoring of the Impact of Touristic Activities in the Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel (Reefs of Cozumel National Park); Developing a Tool for Reinforcing Favorable Environmental Practicesby: Biologist Nallely Hernández Palacios, Coordinator of the Department of Biological Monitoring, Academic Associate of CONANP Cozumel.
17:00 Lecture: “Trancelike Immobility of the Tiger Shark”
Karlos Simon, CEO-Director of Buceo Hispania, Spain
18:00 Closing conference: “Passion for Photography”
Manuel Lazcano.
19:00 Presentation of the Commemorative Logbooks to divers who participated in the Cozumel Scuba Fest Jean-Michel Cousteau Route. (Official photo)
Location: Cozumel Convention Center.
21:00 Closing Cocktail Reception for Scuba Fest participants, sponsored by Margaritaville Cozumel.
Place: Margaritaville Cozumel.


Hour Event
Screening of documentaries at CINEPOLIS – Free for Cozumel residents:“My Father, the Captain: My Life With Jacques Cousteau” by Jean-Michel Cousteau,and a discussion for the Cozumel community by Ruben Arvizu, Ocean Futures Society, Director for Latin America.
“México Pelágico” Producer Sergio Cervera

“The Current”, director Kurt Miller.

Departure of participants.


Admission: Tickets can be purchased at the Cozumel Convention Center starting at 3 pm on December 10, 11, 12 and 13.
* Prices:

100 pesos for one day
350 pesos for four days: December 10 thru 13.
Important: these prices apply to persons who do NOT have hotel packages or those who have not already paid for the Scuba Fest Jean-Michel Cousteau Route.