Cantoya Balloons Light the Skies of Merida

Globos (credit Tere Fernandez)

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – The skies over Merida were lit up on Sunday night, as 3500 Cantoya balloons were launched in the first ever “Ilumina” event, supporting the Asociación Camila (promoting organ and tissue donation), which took place in the parking area of the Coliseo Yucatán, just past the periferico on the highway to Progreso.


Shortly after dark, the evening began with artistic shows by the Academy of Contemporary Arts, showcasing the talents of young performers.


Following the entertainment, the signal was given for the balloons to be released, and for the next 20 minutes, to the strains of “Ave Maria,” the night sky was filled with floating lights as event participants lit their balloons, allowed them to warm, and then released them.

Globos (credit Stewart Mandy)
Globos (credit Stewart Mandy)

Attendees at the sold out event were entranced by the beauty of the scene; truly a magical moment for all ages.


The Asociación Camila was founded in Mérida in 2010 to promote organ and tissue donation, and to dispel many of the myths and misinformation that exists on the topic. The association works in conjunction with the National Transplant Center, as well as other private and governmental organizations to give the hope of life to people in need of a miracle. Goals are to promote and raise awareness of the topics, provide support programs for patients and their families, and ensure suitably qualified medical teams are available to carry out transplants.


Commenting on the event in a conversation with The Yucatan Times this morning, Teresa Fernandez Maldonado, president of the Asociación Camila, and mother of Camila Moran after whom the charity was named told us: “Sunday night was a dream come true; from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of Camila, I want to thank all the people who participated and the volunteers who supported us. This beautiful event, in Camila’s memory, will hopefully help to further our cause, and to promote awareness of the vital services our association provides.”

Globos (credit Eric Kubacki)
Globos (credit Eric Kubacki)

For more information about the association, visit them on Facebook:ón-Camila-AC/183877401691696, email or call 999 217 9764.

Globos (credit Tere Fernandez)
Globos (credit Tere Fernandez)



By Stewart Mandy


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