The Yucatecan “Disneyland” rotting in the middle of nowhere…

"Mayan Palace" rooting in the middle of nowhere (TYT)
The Mayan Palace (Palacio Maya), was conceived during the administration of former Governor of Yucatan, Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, as the first part of a “Yucatecan Disneyland” in the land of the Maya, but the project was abandoned in 2012.
The State Government made an initial investment of 90 million pesos (7 Million USD) for the project using treasury funds, which means that the project was funded with taxpayer money. According to a statement made by Ex-Governor Ivonne Ortega in 2012, the initial investment was to fund 60% of the construction.
The ceremony to lay the cornerstone for this project took place on December 21, 2009 in the town of Yaxcabá, 11.5 miles from Chichen Itza, and was presided by Ortega Pacheco herself. During the ceremony, “Ibom” as she is known in the State of Yucatán, made a statement that transcended space and time:
“Let’s build a Disneyland, but with culture,” she had the nerve to say in front of the attendees.
“Let’s build a Disneyland, but with culture” (Ivonne Ortega, December 21, 2009) Photo: El Norte
Cornerstone laid on December 21st 2009 by Ivonne Ortega Pacheco (Photo: El Norte)
Today the 13 thousand square meters of construction is being overrun by the lush vegetation of the Peninsula, while other parts are flooded and rotting.
An investment of 90 million pesos, rotting in the middle of nowhere (Photo: El Norte)
The palace construction only made it to the second stage, consisting of a parking lot, landscaping, foundation of the museum lobby, permanent exhibits hall, temporary exhibition area and basement.
Main Entrance (Photo: El Norte)
Main Entrance (Photo: El Norte)
The complex, which was inspired by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, stands next to the Abán cenote and, together with the Master Plan for Chichen Itza, was to be the beginning of a mega-project consisting of hotels, all inclusive resorts, golf courses and an amusement park.  Although the second phase of the project was never officially presented, private investors (such as Xcaret), expressed their interest in taking part.
Parking Lot (Photo: El Norte)
Parking Lot (Photo: El Norte)
Ingeniería y Desarrollo Inmobiliario de México, a Mexico City based Construction Company, moved their machinery from the project site in May of 2014, and left the project in the hands of the Cultural and Tourist Services State Fund (Patronato de las Unidades de Servicios Culturales y Turísticos del Estado).
The Construction Company moved their machinery from the project site in May of 2014 (Photo: El Norte)
The jungle will “eat up” the construction in a matter of months (Photo: El Norte)
The total investment was 450 million pesos (34.6 Million USD), and the project was supposed to be finished by 2014 or 2015.
"Mayan Palace" Totally abandoned (Photo: El Norte)
“Mayan Palace” Totally abandoned (Photo: El Norte)
Ortega is currently the General Secretary of the PRI, the most powerful political party in the country.  So despite all the problems she had during her administration, her political career continues to rise.