“The Yucatan Riviera Project will kick off next year”, says Telchac Puerto Mayor

Image: yucatan.com.mx
The Yucatan Riviera Project, a tourist corridor that enhances sustainability and includes the natural attractions of the coastal zone from Progreso to Telchac Puerto, will be consolidated next year, according to Telchac Puerto’s Mayor Jose Humberto Ramirez Marrufo.
The State Development Plan of over 900 million pesos (72 million USD) has been already authorized by the Federal Government for the project, which would start next  year,” declared engineer Filiberto Ku Chan, private secretary to the mayor of Telchac Puerto Jose Humberto Ramirez Marrufo. He was speaking at the Faculty of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Yucatan on Monday November 24th, after the presentation of the master blueprint for revitalizing the image of the coastal community.
Telchac is a picturesque fishing town with some distinguishing marks but no identity” said Master Architect Marisa Eljure Fajardo.
Image: yucatan.com.mx
Image: yucatan.com.mx
UADY Architecture students are collaborating on the so-called “Environment B” Project under Master Fajardo’s supervision. Their task is to design a more ordered Telchac Puerto, with more character, more attractions for tourism and with “more life”.
Starting with a detailed analysis of the port’s lifestyle, with the objective of providing it with an urban image that could grant it a personality of its own, the goal is to establish the area as a tourist attraction and thereby boost the economic growth of the community.
The main feature of the project is “movement,” said Fajardo Eljure, pointing out that the authors of the draft are students of 6th to 8th semester of UADY’s Architecture Faculty.



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