Soho Galleries Sixth Anniversary

Since Soho Galleries opened its doors in November 2008, it has hosted three major exhibitions of Cuban art. This 14th of November, Soho Galleries presented “Back to Cuba”, a show highlighting several important Cuban artists and their recent work.  Amongst the artworks displayed, artist Jorge  Jacas Vivanco, who´s originally  from  Santiago de Cuba, but resides in Havana, with  a special participation. His work has been displayed in over 20 countries in America and Europe.


Jacas Vivanco has a very unique type of work since he experiments with different glazes and processes to achieve a singular result.  Combined with other metallic elements, the piece is fired at a temperature of 1020 degrees for six hours, a process the repeated four or more times.


When working with ceramic, the artist incorporates different alloys, embossed elements and other colors, to ensure that the components are melded together and have the desired outcome, which is a living vessel capable of fusing with human anatomy while transgressing emotions and feelings.


After the presentation of the artists and their work, a reception was held for friends and clients. Drinks and cocktails were served to the guests with an interesting, well cared variety of tasty canapés by a very helpful staff.


The Yucatan Times congratulates Nick Lavroff and Adele Aguirre for such wonderful evening and successful event!




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