Paint yourself as a “Sugar Skull” and celebrate “Día de Muertos”

Day of the Dead — or Día de los Muertos — is a day where family and friends come together to honor and remember those who have passed away. This colorful holiday is celebrated in many ways, but the common traditions are going to the graves of passed loved ones, setting up altars with treats, sharing memories and, of course, the infamous sugar-skull face-painting.

You may ask why people paint skulls on their faces during the festive days of Nov. 1 and 2.

Halloween in Mexico
Día de Muertos in Mexico

Some think that skulls are morbid, but a skull can be decorated with bright colors to create a sense of positivity that gives uniqueness to the holiday. It is seen as a chance to overcome your fear of death, and also get in touch with your darker side.

Many cultures around the world use masks as part of their celebrations. It is thought that when you hide your true identity, you become a different version of yourself that is normally not seen.

Express yourself with bright colors during Día de los Muertos. If you are painting a sugar skull on your face, here are some tips you may want to use: (Watch video)