Nerio Torres Ortiz, New Chief of Municipal Police

The people of Yucatan can feel safe, because they have a professional and reliable police force” declared Commander Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda, State Secretary of Public Security, during the ceremony of Confidence Control Certification of 10 municipal police forces, including Merida .

The Secretary confirmed that the state has high levels of security. Among the municipalities that were given certification by assessing their corporations are Mérida, Uman, Motul, Tekax and Hunucmá.

At the same event, it was officially announced that Nerio Torres Ortiz, former leader of the Taxi Drivers Union (Frente Único de Trabajadores del Volante), was appointed as Director of the Coordinated State Police (Policía Estatal Coordinada).

Ortiz Torres will be responsible for coordinating all municipal police corporations in the state of Yucatan and will work as liaison with Security Secretary Saiden Ojeda.

Nerio Torres Ortiz, New Chief of Municipal Police (Photo:

The new police chief spent four decades as Head of the taxi drivers Union and resigned in 2013, stating would dedicate to look after his family and his health.

The appointment caused discontent among top police officers, such as Federico Cuesy Adrian and Guy Freyre, who aspired to this position.