Guerrero, Morelos, Michoacán and Estado de México, the states with highest murder rates

For the second year in a row, one third of the murders registered in Mexico happened in these four states.

31% of the 11,881 murders committed in the country between January and September this year happened in Guerrero, Morelos, Michoacán and the state of Mexico, an area disputed by cartels such as Beltrán Leyva and its two splinter cells Guerreros Unidos and Los Rojos.

Estado de México (Image:
Estado de México (Image:

According to the latest data provided by the National Security System (SNS), the war waged by these organizations against rival cartels such as The Knights Templar and Los Zetas has triggered violence in these states.

Morelos (Image:
Morelos (Image:

In 2013, 5,518 of the 18,388 murders registered in the country took place in the same four states. Also, 43% of the 1,698 kidnappings and 30.5% of the 8,199 extortions happened in this area.

Guerrero (Image:
Guerrero (Image:

Between January and September this year 1,150 murders were reported in Guerrero, as well as 89 kidnappings and 119 extortions, while in Michoacán, there were 761 murders, as well as 96 kidnappings and 244 extortions.

Michoacan (Image:
Michoacán (Image:

In the State of Mexico 1,487 murders were reported in the same period, as well as 126 kidnappings and 778 extortions, while in Morelos there were 330 murders, 98 kidnappings and 301 extortions.

Central Mexico
Central Mexico (Image: Google)




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