Feria Yucatán Attracting Huge Crowds

XMATKUIL, YUCATAN – The Feria Yucatán 2014 got underway at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds on November 7th, and, as always, is proving a huge attraction, despite the unseasonably cool weather we have experienced over the last week.


On Friday November 14th, saw the annual Gran Vaqueria, a traditional colonial hacienda style dance and party, where villages throughout the state are represented, competing with each other for the most spectacular dress, and best jarana dancing. Always spectacular, this year’s event was as colorful as ever, with hundreds of ladies dressed in their finest huipils, accompanied by traditionally dressed men in guayaberas and jipijapa hats (a local variation of the Panama hat).

Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Hererra) 2
Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Hererra)


Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Herrera) 3
Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Hererra)




The annual Feria Yucatán is the largest event in the southeast of Mexico, featuring more than 1000 exhibitors, and over 1800 artistic, sporting, cultural, recreational and specialized shows for all ages of visitor.






Big name stars perform concerts in three locations, one of which (the Teatro del Pueblo) is free of charge, and there is a huge range of food and beverages available for purchase throughout the fair. Modern fairground rides are a big draw for many, and, since this is also a farming event, there are competitions to judge the best cattle, sheep, horses, and goats.


If you’ve never been to a state fair in Mexico, the Feria Yucatán is well worth a visit, to absorb the sights and sounds of a traditional event in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Herrera) 4
Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Hererra)
Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Herrera) 5
Gran Vaqueria (credit Jesus Hererra)


The fair runs until Sunday 30th November, and is open daily from 10am until well after midnight. If you would like to visit without the crowds, weekdays before 6pm are the best time to go, while weekday evenings tend to be busy, but without vast crowds.



Friday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday are, predictably the busiest times, so be prepared to share the fairgrounds with plenty of other people if you visit at those times.




The fairgrounds are vast however, so even on a busy evening, you can always find a quiet corner to relax and regroup, before rejoining the party.

Full house at the Teatro del Pueblo for the Jr Klan concert. (Credit Feria Yucatan)
Full house at the Teatro del Pueblo for the Jr Klan concert. (Credit Feria Yucatan)

Entrance to the fair costs $15 pesos per person, and car parking is $30 pesos per car. Many attractions are free; others have a small charge of $15 pesos per person, while the fairground rides are between $10 pesos and $50 pesos per ride.


To get to the fairgrounds by car, take Calle 50 south, past the periferico, and continue all the way south to Xmatkuil. There is also a bus service, running from the corner of Calle 56 and Calle 69, in centro.

For more information, see the feria website at: http://www.feriayucatan.gob.mx/ or visit on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/feriayucatan

By Stewart Mandy

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