According to the Authorities the Explosion in Soriana store was not an attack

Explosion in Soriana store was not an attack: Authorities

It was caused by a concentration of gas, according to the authorities in the State of Mexico.
The authorities in the State of Mexico informed that the explosion in a department store belonging to the Soriana company in the municipality of Ecatepec was not caused by a guerrilla attack, but was due to a gas leak and the lack of maintenance in the premises.

This information refuted the version given by the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), after it claimed responsibility of Tuesday’s blast in the store in the area of Valle de Aragón.


The EPR said in a press release that it was an attack un demand of the presentation of the 43 students from the teachers training school in Ayotzinapa, missing since September 26, and the release of those arrested during the protests for their disappearance.

According to reports, the explosion damaged the front of the store, two banks and two adjacent business.