Mexico City Demonstrators accused of “Terrorism”

The detainees after the violent acts accompanying the protests in favor of the Ayotzinapa students are 11, and not 15 as previous reports said.

The protesters arrested during the violent actions in the historical area of midtown Mexico City, 11 and not 15 as per previous reports, have been accused of terrorism, conspiracy, conspiracy for killing and rioting, and they have no right to a bail, according to their lawyers.

The other 15 detainees, for the clash near the International Airport of Mexico City, face charges for attacks against the public peace, use and elaboration of improvised weapons and offense against authorities, but they paid a 900 dollars fine and they were freed, according to a lawyer. Only four of them remain in jail according to the latest information.

Also, a minor who was arrested was presented to his parents, according the Department of Justice of Mexico City.

The national and metropolitan human rights commissions denounced the violent acts. (Photo: EL UNIVERSAL )

Meanwhile, the Office for Special Investigations on Organized Crime (SEIDO) informed that the 11 detainees are accused of federal crimes.

In the particular case of Chilean citizens Atzin Andrade and Laurence Maxwell y Lavaca, their lawyer confirmed that they got the support of their consular office.

“They were arrested on the Zócalo at different times. There were arrested just based on their looks,” he said.

The Human Rights Commission of Mexico City and the National Human Rights Commission condemned the violent acts and informed that they are waiting for a report from their rapporteurs in order to decide if some of the arrest were done arbitrarily.




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